Forgotten Purrs
The time of ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan and even the Tribe of the Rushing Water have long passed. The old heroes are just legends now, and the Ancient Clans, tales of LionClan, TigerClan and LeopardClan are scarcely remembered. Tales of Clans and Tribes spread from forest to forest, Twolegplace to Twolegplace, and although the rumors quickly spread, the warrior code, the purpose of Tribes and Clans remained the same. Thus, the first leaders came together: Magpiestar, Sunstar, Hollowstar and Mothstar. Although their beliefs and loyalties were divided, they each were strong and proud and knew their destinies: to rule the forest together, to respect one another, and to sacrifice everything for their friends. Now, those leaders, too, have passed, and it's your time to step up an aid in the rebirth of the forest.

Don't register unless you think you'll stay active! ;)

Forgotten Purrs

A Warriors roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter. (Banner by Star.)
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 11/3/2012 Update - We Have Moved!

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PostSubject: 11/3/2012 Update - We Have Moved!   Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:16 am

I was planned to wait until December until I made this announcement, but lately the forum has been lacking in activity and I can't think of another way to maybe make it active again.

I ask that you read this entire announcement. The site is run a little differently now, and this covers pretty much everything different that you should know.

There hasn't been much change here. Before gatherings were based entirely on convenience, but now they're going to be closer to the actual full moon. They will still fall around the weekends, just weekends around the full moon time of month. If there is ever a blue moon, the gathering will land on the last weekend of the month.
Medicine cats, make sure you go to the half-moon meetings once in awhile. I'm going to officially schedule these. I'll make sure that at least one StarClan cat is created to speak with you in your dreams at the Moonstone. But as the half-moon meetings were a notable part in the series, I think we should have them at least bimonthly (once every other month). There won't be an outrageous prophecy every time, or even half the time. It's just best to stay as true to the books as possible.
The next gathering is scheduled for Friday, December 28th, 2012. This will hopefully give everyone enough time to get used to this new site. The next half-moon gathering is set for Friday, December 14th, 2012. I know that we haven't had any half-moon meetings before, so feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)

Activity Checks
We will now be having activity checks monthly, starting December 2012. But instead of being deleted, inactive members will be moved to the Inactive Members group and their characters will be abandoned. If one misses 5 activity checks, their account will be deleted. Some members will not be deleted, depending on their post count and how widely respected they are throughout the forum.

Rules and Character Creation
I've completely remodeled the rules. Things are a little stricter now, especially when it comes to posting length, because I really don't like people just posting "Okay" or "Alright" in a message. So yeah, posts have to have some actual content in them now. I know most of you always do this, but once in awhile someone doesn't, and it's just a pet peeve of mine.
Character creation will also be slightly more difficult. You now have to actually write out descriptions, personalities and histories. Sorry guys, but we need detail. This may just be my opinion, but I think that the more you put into a character, the more you get out of them. I don't like the lack of detail, I know Dreamer doesn't, and I'm sure it gets annoying to a few of you guys too.

Right now you cannot access this version of Forgotten Purrs at . I know that's probably how we're all used to getting here, but it doesn't work anymore. Going there will get you to the OLD Forgotten Purrs. Instead, you must go to .
The old Forgotten Purrs can always be reached at , in case you're interested in the memories. :p
We have been offered renewal on our domain name for free, but because of this, we will not be able to transfer the domain name until six months after the renewal is put into action. This means that in about six months, this site should hopefully be accessible at .

This won't be much concern to you unless you're a staff member, but we've remodeled the groups. There are no more Mini Mods. Now, all the moderating of Forgotten Purrs is sorted into four groups: OOC Mods, Roleplay Mods, Global Mods, and Administrators. You all know what admins do. The OOC mods are in charge of everything out of character: Free Chat, Games, User Announcements, etc. Roleplay mods only have power in character: Character Creation, Unclaimed Forest, Island, etc. Global mods have chatbox power, can ban members and have moderation powers in almost all of the forums.
The NC RPers and Members groups have stayed pretty much the same. However, instead of automatically being added to the Members group as soon as you make your post, an admin or the head global mod (Goldy) will add you to the group as soon as your first character is approved.
Anyone who misses an activity check is removed from the Members group and added to the Inactive Members group.

Continuing Threads
I know a lot of us would still like to continue roleplaying from the old site. You're perfectly free to do that. You can post a link to the old topic, or just make a new topic and continue it there. You're also perfectly free to recreate characters from the old site, but please reread the template topic too. :)

What's happening to the old site?
Almost nothing, don't worry. No posts will be deleted, however you are unable to make any new posts. New members can't register either. Basically, the old Forgotten Purrs is in permanent pause mode. You are free to revisit it for memories or whatever else you'd like to.

There are a few other changes, but they are minor, and this post covers most of them. :) I hope you like our new site!
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11/3/2012 Update - We Have Moved!
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